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Mon, 22 Mar 2021, 2:09AM UTC



Netami's Pest Control is one of TRiBot's oldest and most purchase pest control scripts, and has gone through several iterations throughout the years. 2020 brings the latest version of the famous script, completely re-written from the ground up to provide you with the latest and greatest pest control experience. Make no mistake, no pest control scripts can compare!

Netami's Pest Control features a highly configurable user interface

to allow you to select exactly how you want your games to be played.

Currently included options are as follows:

* Difficulty boat selection (all 3 supported)

* 3 unique playing modes (defend knight, attack portals, repair barriers)

* 3 unique portal behaviors (anticipate next, camp one until open, random selection)

* Configurable NPC attacking priority

* Adjustable ABC2 reaction time lengths

* Special attack support with configurable timing

* Full prayer book and quick prayers options

* Brawler stuck detection/handling

Important information before you run:

* Repair mode requires a hammer in inventory and lots of regular logs in bank

* Portal NPC Priority is changed by dragging the rows around

* For Special attack timings, mean and SD must both be within the range of the minimum and maximum time in seconds.

If you're not sure what these values mean, leaving them stock is recommended.

See payment options below.



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