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Wed, 24 Oct 2018, 8:09PM UTC



Flawless - Free & Open source.
Kills Chaos Druids in the tower above Ardougne for easy money & experience!
About 200k/hour gp + combat xp

- ABC2
- ABCL 10
- Banks in north ardougne.
- Fast combat - will hover over next druid when attacking the first*
- Will auto-detect if your agility is above level 33 and use the agility log shortcut for fast travel between bank and tower.
- Paint is hide & showable.
- Advanced unstuck system.
- Use whatever food you want.
- Bring how many food u want each trip.
- Only loots out of combat.
- Runs over the agility log shortcut to the bank for increased speed.
- Finds & hovers over the next druid while killing to improve speed.
- Toggles on run if we gathered some energy*
- Does not require Lite Mode (script works fine if you do).
- Faster than current scripts out there.
- Eats food when inventory is full to free up space.
- Ability to loot items from the rare loot table.

Settings include:
- Food name
- Amount of food
- What herbs & items to loot.
- Mouse speed
Settings are changeable during runtime.
It's Open Source!


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