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Sun, 10 May 2020, 10:35AM UTC



Beyond Bows is a progressive fletching script that will fletch the highest level bow your fletching level will allow. All you have to do is have the logs in your bank, example (Logs, Oak Logs, Willow Logs, Maple Logs) and it will choose which it needs to fletch , and which type of bow (longbow/shortbow) it needs to cut. This will all be done without having to modify and settings or preferences. The script is currently under development/testing and will be fully open-source on release. I plan to go further than just progressive fletching with this, as I want to make this a free/open-source all-around fletching script.

The script will search for all logs that you are able to fletch relative to your level. If you do not have logs relative to your level, the script will search for any other logs that can be fletched into bows. If no logs are found in the bank, the script will stop as it has no supplies to run off of. If you are starting at less than 5 fletching to fletch shortbows, the script will begin to fletch arrowshafts until you reach level 5.

Many fail-safes have been implemented to ensure no EXP will be wasted by a flaw in the script, as well as ABC2 actions will be implemented before release (currently learning to do so).

Suicide botting complete. Level 99 achieved running 24/7 with no macro bans reported.

Currently Supporting:

Log Types: Logs, Oak Logs, Willow Logs, Maple Logs, Yew Logs, Magic Logs

Cut Types: Arrow Shafts, Shortbow (u), Longbow (u)


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